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The Team

Peter and Catherine Russell have lived in central Toronto all of their lives. Peter started his real estate career in 1975 and has been selling real estate in central Toronto with great success for 42 years. Having grown up in the business, Peter’s daughter Catherine has joined the business as a full time partner. Catherine’s MBA and experience in the corporate world enhance and refresh Peter’s business.

Peter Russell

I started my career in 1975 after graduating from Glendon College with a degree in English Literature. I worked as a salesman for several companies before deciding to get a Broker’s license. In 1980 I started a new company and continued selling real estate as a broker-owner. In 1994 I sold my shares and began devoting 100% of my working time to my clients.

Catherine Russell

Catherine’s business MBA and years of experience in the corporate world are proving to be an invaluable addition to the team

Catherine brings a broad connection to the millennial demographic in Central Toronto and a wealth of experience gained while working in the corporate world.


Why Choose us

We provide you with 42 years of luxury real estate service in Toronto.

Proven professionalism and a sterling track record is something you can count on.

We put the interests of our clients first with our genuinely caring approach.

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